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Bengals look bad... But lets relax a bit...

Posted on: September 15, 2010 8:01 am
1st of all the Patriots are undefeated in opeing games at Gillete Stadium. Give Belichick an entire off-season and pre-season to prepare for the game. He is going to have his team ready... They WERE! Brady is now 2 years removed from his knee surgery. The guy has 3 superbowl rings. He is GOOD. Especially when you don't pressure him.

The Patriots may be the best team in football. They went 18-1. Brady got injured and they went 11-5. Last year they still won the division and they were a team in transistion. Brady was coming off a major knee injury and the Pats knew they weren't a Superbowl team. So they traded their best defensive player to Oakland and loaded up on picks and young defensive players. Now they are geared up. They lost to the Ravens in the playoffs last year and that had everyone thinking the Pats were done. We all saw what kind of team they are with Welker. He didn't play vs. the Ravens. Their D is a year older and much better.

So the Bengals feeling a little bit confident and hearing about how good they are walked into a team who was disrespected by the Jets loving Media and got embarrased in the 1st half.

That game might have been what the Bengals needed. They got punched in the face and they did respond. Now they will hear about how bad they are and sometimes the Bengals need to hear they suck! I imagine everyone will take the Ravens vs. The Bengals and we will see a COMPLETLEY different Bengals team.

The Ravens are coming off a short week and are feeling good about themselves. This game is basically a must win for the Bengals.

Remember last year. They lost to the Broncos in a fluke and they responded well. I actually would prefer to lose like they did to the Patriots instead of the B.S. that happend in Week 1 last year. That was just AWFUL!

So basically lets see how the Bengals respond. They may have played the best team in football week # 1?
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