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The Bengals and the AFC North... and T.O.

I think anyone can win the division. I mean it is the NFL. None of you gave the Bengals a chance last year.

The T.O. signing has been just what the DR. ordered. I mean not so much because what he can do on the field... Don't get me wrong that is huge but what the T.O. signing did was get momentum back in the Bengals locker room. After how last season ended... it was almost like the Bengals didn't win the division that the season was a failure. The T.O. signing has eveyone forgeting how last season ended. Now it is the OCHO/T.O. Combo SHOW! There is a buzz around the Bengals. Excitement! The players, the fans, and the city are ready. Last years playoff loss is OLD news now...

Now T.O. signing is a risk. It is imperative that the Bengals start off strong. The Bengals need the momentum! They need everyone feeling good and on boad. The Bengals open with the Patriots and Ravens... They need to at least split those. The schedule gets a little easier after that but the Bengals need have a good record going into the Bye week. They can't let any finger pointing or give me the ball more and we will win stuff going on. Like we aren't throwing enough. We need to run the ball more. They need to have an identity and have eveyone signed up. If that happens and the Bengals stay healthy they should be in playoff contention. They have a tough schedule so all I am hoping for is that they make the playoffs. Just get in the tournamanet and see what happends!


The Ravens seemed to be the trendy pick. The injuries have certainly hurt but with Ray Rice running the ball that should open things up for everyone on offense. The real question is the D... Will it hold up? I think it will be the secondary is a weakness. Their stars are a year older. Ed Reed is banged up... 

If the Steelers survive Ben's suspension and is re-acclimation they should be fine. You have to wonder what is going on with the Steelers. I am thinking Tomlin is now Cowher. He is more Larry Cocker... The Steelers lost some big games at the end of last year. Who knows... I'd be worried if I was a Steelers fan a little bit. But they are the Steelers and I will never ever count them out. That would be foolish and stupid!

The Browns.. Heck maybe they will pull a 2009 Bengals? They seem to be going in the right direction but i jus don't think they are there yet.

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In July... It was hard to imagine...The AFC North

Every July like clockwork the message boards come alive on the eve of the "New" football season. The teams who had prior success the year before talk of great things, some fans talk of improvement and just maybe if things go right this year... and then you have the teams just hoping to win a game. Either way there is lots of chatter and hypothetical analysis as if fact is being spoken. Yes, this is the time of year where everyone has hope.

In July the Steelers and Ravens were the talk of the North. Rightfully so I must say, both teams coming off an AFC Championship game. The Superbowl champs and Flacco's O catching up with the vaunted D, this would be another year of Steelers/Ravens dominating the fall Sundays.

The Bengals were coming off a 4-11-1 '08, it was hard to imagine come the second week of December the Bengals could lock up the North. That is the reality after the Ravens dropped another one to the Packers to fall to 6-6, the Steelers join them both at 6-6. The best they can both hope for is 10-6. The Bengals own the tie breaker, so one more win by the Bengals and they will be in the playoffs. It will be time for celebration because who really knows when the next run to the playoffs will be. 

Deep down were hoping could this be our year?!?!
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Top Bengals Writer Chick Ludwig Moves To Enquirer

In a year where NCR leaves Dayton, OH for Atlanta, GA where Iams pet food leaves Dayton for Mason, OH, the city of Dayton is at it again. In one year the city of Dayton loses its two biggest companies and now has to say good bye to its two best sports writing journalist / personalities. Under much fan fair and warm heart felt goodbyes, Hal McCoy said goodbye to his beloved loyal Reds fans. Hal got the chance to say goodbye! In October lightning struck twice in Dayton, Ohio, Chick Ludwig is no longer a Dayton sports personality and journalist for the Dayton Daily News. In a Baltimore Colts style move Chick was snuck out the back door of the Cox DDN HQ and is no longer covering the Bengals. He was "cough cough" retired from the Dayton Daily News. Chick didn't even get a chance to say good bye.

Rumor has it; the day Chick went on the Free Agent market he was scooped up by the Cincinnati Enquirer where he will continue his blog. Chick always has an entertaining blog where he gives a lot of good insight about what is going on with the Bengals. He has a lot of good connections inside the organization and he was one of the few journalists Chad Johnson would talk to in his media hiatus. Chick covers the Bengals mostly but he will also discuss some of his other passions. I enjoy his articles on the local high school football scene in S.W. Ohio.

Here is Chick's blog. Read up on it Bengals fans, AFC North fans and really all football fans. Support Chick at his new home.


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Dknow's Random Thoughts... Bengals... Playoffs?

First of all... What a great Start! If someone asked you in July, would you take a 5-2 record with wins over the Steelers and Ravens you would have taken it in a heart beat!

The Playoff picture in the AFC:

AFC East                 AFC North             AFC South             AFC West

Patriots   (5-2)        Bengals (5-2)       Colts     (6-0)         Broncos  (6-0)
Jets        (4-3)        Steelers (5-2)       Texans  (4-3)        Chargers (3-3)
Bills        (3-4)        Ravens  (3-3)       Jaguars  (3-3)
Dolphins  (2-4)

It is time for Bengals fans to start rooting against the Jets, Dolphins, Bills, Steelers, Ravens, Texans, Jaguars and Chargers. I have the Patriots, Colts, and Broncos winning their division. I will post a AFC North Playoff outlook later. The Chargers, Jets, and Texans seem to be the teams that will most likely compete with the AFC North for the wildcard spots.

Kyle Cook needs to get some attention for his play. I think he has been the difference between last years awful Oline and this years suprise Oline. He is the strongest Bengals player and he is very smart. He makes the Oline calls and has had a great start to the season. What a steal for the Bengals. Cook was an undrafted FA that the Bengals signed off waivers from the Vikings. He is a huge upgrade over Eric Guichec.

After watching DeSean Jackson on Monday night... How great would he look in stripes? I just shake my head every time I think about Jerome Simpson and how the Bengals took him over Jackson. What were the Bengals thinking? Chris Perry and Jerome Simpson are just two head scratchers in the Marvin Lewis era. I would like to know who is the one that said Simpson would be better than Jackson.
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Was TJ the Problem In the Bengals Locker Room?

Houshmandzadeh fails to deliver, says it's not his fault

Posted by Mike Florio on September 28, 2009 8:03 AM ETWe've got no specific issue with the Seahawks.  (Other than, you know, those hideous green jerseys, which have screwed up our televisions -- and our retinas.)

But our commitment to exposing those who deserve to be exposed knows the boundaries of no team names or colors, and the Seahawks have on their roster a guy who deserves to be exposed.

Receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh chased the best offer he found in free agency to the Pacific Northwest.  And he has been running his mouth ever since.

"I just want to let everyone know that Matt Hasselbeck and I will be leading the Seahawks to the playoffs this season," Houshmandzadeh told Sporting News in June.  "And we'll be going to the Pro Bowl as a tandem.  We're both going to have top five seasons:  He'll have a top five quarterback season, and I'll have a top five receiving season.  I'll put up stats I've never had before yardswise because they're allowing me to be a complete receiver."

Houshmandzadeh also has expressed annoyance at the autograph requests he received in Cincinnati, explained away the fact that he wasn't getting any such requests in Seattle because of all the "millionaires" who live there, and griped about his Madden rating of 91 -- which based on his first three games in blue and radioactive green is about 16 points too high.

Most recently, he called out the Bears for not pursuing him in free agency, and Houshmandzadeh declared that he'd be open "95 percent" of the time against the Bears on Sunday.

The end result?  Four catches, 35 yards, no touchdowns, and a lost fumble.

Houshmandzadeh's explanation?  "I was open all game," he said, per the Chicago Tribune.  "They just didn't throw me the ball."

This guy could indeed be the worst of all the diva receivers we've seen.  Because, typically, the players who think their ability to run and catch footballs and score touchdowns causes the unpleasant aroma to disappear from the byproduct of their consumption of food adopt that attitude only after they have shown that they can run and catch footballs and score touchdowns.

Houshmandzadeh has placed the cart far in front of the horse.  Currently, he's on track to become the next Alvin Harper or Peerless Price.  So, in our view, his best bet would be to humble himself and to focus on perfecting his craft.

That might cause him to regard us as "haters."  But, actually, if we were "haters," we'd just sit back, shut our mouths, fold our arms, and smile.

Maybe it wasn't Chad? Maybe TJ was the one who made the Bengals locker room so selfish? After reading this I almost hope the Seahawks crash and burn and the Bengals make the playoffs. Maybe this is why the Bengals didn't franchise TJ?? The next Alvin Harper comment made me chuckle. I admit I was always a big fan of TJ... But, I guess we are seeing the real TJ now?
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Bengals win 23-20! A Tale of Two Halves....

Twas the tale of two halves for the Cincinnati Bengals. On the first fall Sunday of the young NFL season the Bengals were knocked down but not knocked out. The Bengals were able to weather the storm brought on by the Steelers and fought their way to a come from behind victory. The Bengals entered the contest with a 1-1 record coming off a stunning victory at historic Lambeua field over the Green Bay Packers and a gut wrenching miracle loss to the Denver Broncos in week 1. The Bengals were coming in on a high note and seemed poised to at least give the Steelers the best game they have given them since 2006. The Steelers were coming into the game off a heart breaking loss to the Bears and seemed vulnerable but then again the Steelers never lose in the state of Ohio when Big Ben is their QB.

The game started off perfect for the Bengals, Andre Caldwell returned the opening kick off to midfield and for a short moment it seemed this Sunday would be different than the last 5. The high moral would be short last. The Bengals did absolutely nothing on their first drive and this set the tone for the first half. Big Ben did what Big Ben does... He avoided the rush, bought time, and delivered strikes to lead the Steelers to a 13-0 lead. The only positive thing the Bengals could hang onto was the fact it was only 13-0 and not worse. The Steelers absolutely dominated the first half. Big Ben hit Wille Parker on a 27-yard pass for the only TD of the half. The Bengals were able to muster a field goal right before half to make the game 13-3. The fact the Bengals only trailed 10 at half seemed to be a moral victory for the Bengals. They played so bad and to only be down 10 points was a small victory.

The 2nd half started out with a bang. Jonathan Joseph intercepted a Big Ben pass and returned it 30 yards for a touchdown. The Bengals cut the lead to 13-9 after a botched snap. The Bengals really need to improve their snap and hold process. It has been awful this season and it cost the Bengals the playoffs in 2006. The Bengals seemed poised to make a game of it. The Steelers answered with a Big Ben QB sneak to make it 20-9. From this point on it was all Bengals. Carson and Co. entered the 4th quarter and put their game face on. Cedric Benson scampered for 23 yard touchdown to cut the lead to 20-15 after a failed 2pt conversion. The missed extra point seemed like it could be the Bengals doom. The Bengals D stopped the Steelers and finally sacked Big Ben, which gave the Bengals offense 1 more shot for a victory. Carson Palmer took the Bengals down to inside the Steelers 20 and this is when it got really exciting. The Bengals converted two 4th downs of 2 and 10 yards. Brian Leonard made the play of the game. On 4th and 10 Palmer stepped up and eluded the rush and hit Leonard 3 yards shy the first down. Leonard was tripped but was able to put his hand down and dive for the first down. It was an AWESOME play. On the next play Palmer hit Andre Caldwell for a 4-yard TD pass to take the lead. The Bengals converted on the 2pt conversion, which made the game 23-20, and there would be no miracles on this Sunday for the away team.

D's Play of the game:

- Brian Leornard's reception on 4th and 10.

The Turning Point:

- Johnathan Joseph's 30 yard Interception for a touchdown.

Next Game:

At Cleveland Browns
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Went to Canton to pray to the football gods....

Notre Dame goes 3-9, then Michigan fans rub it in and look what happens! Coincidence I think not!

Carson Palmer has his knee shredded, then Big Ben is hit by a motorcycle! Coincidence I think not!

Bill Cowher mocks the who-dey chant, then they go 8-8 and he retires! Coincidence I think not!

I went to Canton this weeked to take my new request to the football gods.  TAKE DOWN THE Steelers FRANCHISE!!!

When I find myself in times of trouble
The Football Gods come to me
Speaking words of wisdom, We’ll get em D.
And in my hour of darkness
They are standing right in front of me
Speaking words of wisdom, We’ll get em D.
We’ll get em D, We’ll get em D, We’ll get em D, We’ll get em D.
Whisper words of wisdom, We’ll get em D.

And when the broken hearted Bengals
Living in the world agree,
There will be an answer, We’ll get em D.
For though they may be parted there is
Still a chance that they will see
There will be an answer, We’ll get em D
We’ll get em D, We’ll get em D, We’ll get em D, We’ll get em D.

There will be an answer, We’ll get em D.
We’ll get em D, We’ll get em D, We’ll get em D, We’ll get em D.
Whisper words of wisdom, We’ll get em D.
We’ll get em D, We’ll get em D, We’ll get em D, We’ll get em D.
There will be an answer, We’ll get em D.

We’ll get em D, We’ll get em D, We’ll get em D, We’ll get em D.
There will be an answer, We’ll get em D.

And when the night is cloudy,
There is still a light that shines on me,
Shine on until tomorrow, We’ll get em D.
I wake up to the sound of cheers
The Football Gods come to me
There will be no sorrow, We’ll get em D..
We’ll get em D, We’ll get em D, We’ll get em D, We’ll get em D.
There will be no sorrow, We’ll get em D.
We’ll get em D, We’ll get em D, We’ll get em D, We’ll get em D.
Whisper words of wisdom, We’ll get em D.

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O for 08'

Another Sunday, another loss for the hapless Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals dropped their seventh straight game to the visiting rival Steelers 38-10. The score is not totally indicative of how the game went but in the end it was all Steelers and very little Bengals.

The game could not have started off worse for the Bengals when the Steelers WR Hines Ward knocked out and broke Keith Rivers jaw on a questionable crack-back block. The block was clean but it appeared Ward lead with his helmet, which is illegal in the NFL. On their first drive the Steelers scored a touchdown and jumped out 7-0. The Bengals offense like, a 1980 Chevet in January, failed to start. The key kept turning but the engine just wouldn't start. The Bengals offense did not get a first down during the first quarter. They Bengals defense played tough despite being on the field most of the first half and held the Steelers to 10 first half points. The Bengals were able to orchestrate a nice two minute offense touchdown right before half. Fiztpatrick hit Chad Johnson on a nice back of the end zone tiptoe 5-yard touchdown.

After doing nothing in the first half the Bengals actually had the momentum heading into the second half. It would not lasttt. The Bengals did manage to get another field goal to cut the Steelers lead 17-10 before the 4th quarter started. After this field goal it was all Steelers and no Bengals. It seemed like the Steelers were playing against air. They moved the ball at will in the 4th quarter to burry the Bengals 38-10.

D's Pivotal Play: (Turning point)



The Good, The Bad, and The UGLY!

The Good:

  1. Cedric Benson's running and his collision with Troy Polamalu.
  2. Chris Henry's play.
  3. Andre Cadwell's kick returns.

The Bad:

  1. The play calling on offense.
  2. Keith Rivers injury.
  3. Chad and TJ's drops.

The Ugly:

  1. The punting game.
  2. The pass protection.
  3. The Offense.
  4. The 4th quarter effort.
  5. Losing to the Steelers again at Paul Brown Stadium.
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