Posted on: August 1, 2010 9:20 pm

The Bengals and the AFC North... and T.O.

I think anyone can win the division. I mean it is the NFL. None of you gave the Bengals a chance last year.

The T.O. signing has been just what the DR. ordered. I mean not so much because what he can do on the field... Don't get me wrong that is huge but what the T.O. signing did was get momentum back in the Bengals locker room. After how last season ended... it was almost like the Bengals didn't win the division that the season was a failure. The T.O. signing has eveyone forgeting how last season ended. Now it is the OCHO/T.O. Combo SHOW! There is a buzz around the Bengals. Excitement! The players, the fans, and the city are ready. Last years playoff loss is OLD news now...

Now T.O. signing is a risk. It is imperative that the Bengals start off strong. The Bengals need the momentum! They need everyone feeling good and on boad. The Bengals open with the Patriots and Ravens... They need to at least split those. The schedule gets a little easier after that but the Bengals need have a good record going into the Bye week. They can't let any finger pointing or give me the ball more and we will win stuff going on. Like we aren't throwing enough. We need to run the ball more. They need to have an identity and have eveyone signed up. If that happens and the Bengals stay healthy they should be in playoff contention. They have a tough schedule so all I am hoping for is that they make the playoffs. Just get in the tournamanet and see what happends!


The Ravens seemed to be the trendy pick. The injuries have certainly hurt but with Ray Rice running the ball that should open things up for everyone on offense. The real question is the D... Will it hold up? I think it will be the secondary is a weakness. Their stars are a year older. Ed Reed is banged up... 

If the Steelers survive Ben's suspension and is re-acclimation they should be fine. You have to wonder what is going on with the Steelers. I am thinking Tomlin is now Cowher. He is more Larry Cocker... The Steelers lost some big games at the end of last year. Who knows... I'd be worried if I was a Steelers fan a little bit. But they are the Steelers and I will never ever count them out. That would be foolish and stupid!

The Browns.. Heck maybe they will pull a 2009 Bengals? They seem to be going in the right direction but i jus don't think they are there yet.

Posted on: December 8, 2009 8:26 am

In July... It was hard to imagine...The AFC North

Every July like clockwork the message boards come alive on the eve of the "New" football season. The teams who had prior success the year before talk of great things, some fans talk of improvement and just maybe if things go right this year... and then you have the teams just hoping to win a game. Either way there is lots of chatter and hypothetical analysis as if fact is being spoken. Yes, this is the time of year where everyone has hope.

In July the Steelers and Ravens were the talk of the North. Rightfully so I must say, both teams coming off an AFC Championship game. The Superbowl champs and Flacco's O catching up with the vaunted D, this would be another year of Steelers/Ravens dominating the fall Sundays.

The Bengals were coming off a 4-11-1 '08, it was hard to imagine come the second week of December the Bengals could lock up the North. That is the reality after the Ravens dropped another one to the Packers to fall to 6-6, the Steelers join them both at 6-6. The best they can both hope for is 10-6. The Bengals own the tie breaker, so one more win by the Bengals and they will be in the playoffs. It will be time for celebration because who really knows when the next run to the playoffs will be. 

Deep down were hoping could this be our year?!?!
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Was TJ the Problem In the Bengals Locker Room?

Houshmandzadeh fails to deliver, says it's not his fault

Posted by Mike Florio on September 28, 2009 8:03 AM ETWe've got no specific issue with the Seahawks.  (Other than, you know, those hideous green jerseys, which have screwed up our televisions -- and our retinas.)

But our commitment to exposing those who deserve to be exposed knows the boundaries of no team names or colors, and the Seahawks have on their roster a guy who deserves to be exposed.

Receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh chased the best offer he found in free agency to the Pacific Northwest.  And he has been running his mouth ever since.

"I just want to let everyone know that Matt Hasselbeck and I will be leading the Seahawks to the playoffs this season," Houshmandzadeh told Sporting News in June.  "And we'll be going to the Pro Bowl as a tandem.  We're both going to have top five seasons:  He'll have a top five quarterback season, and I'll have a top five receiving season.  I'll put up stats I've never had before yardswise because they're allowing me to be a complete receiver."

Houshmandzadeh also has expressed annoyance at the autograph requests he received in Cincinnati, explained away the fact that he wasn't getting any such requests in Seattle because of all the "millionaires" who live there, and griped about his Madden rating of 91 -- which based on his first three games in blue and radioactive green is about 16 points too high.

Most recently, he called out the Bears for not pursuing him in free agency, and Houshmandzadeh declared that he'd be open "95 percent" of the time against the Bears on Sunday.

The end result?  Four catches, 35 yards, no touchdowns, and a lost fumble.

Houshmandzadeh's explanation?  "I was open all game," he said, per the Chicago Tribune.  "They just didn't throw me the ball."

This guy could indeed be the worst of all the diva receivers we've seen.  Because, typically, the players who think their ability to run and catch footballs and score touchdowns causes the unpleasant aroma to disappear from the byproduct of their consumption of food adopt that attitude only after they have shown that they can run and catch footballs and score touchdowns.

Houshmandzadeh has placed the cart far in front of the horse.  Currently, he's on track to become the next Alvin Harper or Peerless Price.  So, in our view, his best bet would be to humble himself and to focus on perfecting his craft.

That might cause him to regard us as "haters."  But, actually, if we were "haters," we'd just sit back, shut our mouths, fold our arms, and smile.

Maybe it wasn't Chad? Maybe TJ was the one who made the Bengals locker room so selfish? After reading this I almost hope the Seahawks crash and burn and the Bengals make the playoffs. Maybe this is why the Bengals didn't franchise TJ?? The next Alvin Harper comment made me chuckle. I admit I was always a big fan of TJ... But, I guess we are seeing the real TJ now?
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